Year by year, hockey becomes more and more dynamic and spectacular. Modern training techniques and innovative equipment qualitatively improve the game speed and make it more efficient and safe for players.

Considering this fast changing environment, how do we imagine the game process through 10, 20 or 30 years? What capabilities and characteristics will professional players have in future?

During the training we force players to challenge themselves both personally and professionally. Our main goal is to discover their new abilities. We sincerely believe that the body “mechanism” can be precisely adjusted as desired. Complex workouts put a player in real game conditions where he shall make fast decisions in a limited space and with consideration of the other players. This improves player’s physical skills as well as his spiritual power. We push players to leave the comfort zone so that they could really exceed the expectations. Challenging them constantly we inspire them for personal and team success. Only working at full capacity a person can understand his strong and week points to enter a new level.

We invoke: “You can do it. You can do it better. Realise your potential. Believe in yourself”. The future begins with us. The hockey’s future begins with Europowerskating.

Ilia Khanenko, head skating coach